The last decade has seen the extraordinary growth and acceptance of non-surgical cosmetics.  More and more individuals are seeing the undoubted advantages of taking this route of non-surgical cosmetic procedures as opposed to the traditional "plastic surgery" option. Advantages include:


  • Cost- dramatically less expensive than the average surgical procedure.
  • Safer- minimally invasive procedure.
  • Time- results can be more or less immediate with little or no down time.
  • Non permanent- often reversible.
  • Social acceptance- due to socialmedia infleunces, such procedures have become mainstream and no longer a privilege exclusive to the rich and famous.


At Feeling Fabulous we are able to offer a range of aesthetic treatments using dermal fillers.  Dermal fillers work by adding volume to facial tissues, thus improving wrinkles and folds and restoring a smooth appearance to the face.  All fillers are administered by a qualified medical practitioner, we have a strong emphasis on a natural look when it comes to facial aestheetics, so will always only ever inject upto 1ml of filler per appointment.  This we feel gives the client time to consider their new and improved appearance, and then if they wish can add to the effect a few weeks later if they want it to be more extenauted.


We only use the highest purity of hyalauronic acidthrough bio-fermentative origin, we have a range of fillers that we use with variable price differences, which relates to the area treated, length of duration and effect your trying to achieve.


All clients choosing Feeling Fabulous will receive a free consultation in order that a full assessment is undertaken looking at:

Medical history, the look required, what is achievable, what is involved.


For dermal fillers consultation and treatment are most often carried out within the same appointment, however you can choose to have treatment on another day if desired.


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