Micro-Blading Brows


Micro-Blading is a type of eyebrow architecture. It is all about creating the best colour and  shape for each individual face. 

A totally bespoke approach for each client.


Micro-Blading is a semi permanant make up technique. 

The process is very precise, it involves a hand tool with very fine needles that are dipped into medical grade pigments which then gently penetrate the epidermis layer (outer layer) of the skin, much like a paper cut creating fine realistic and natural hair strokes.


Treatment is done over 2 sessions 6 weeks apart to ensure good healthy healing between each session, price includes both sessions.

2nd session must be taken 6/8 weeks later.

Failure to take the second appointment 6/8 weeks later will result in 

restarting the process from the begining with the cost of 2 sessions.


Patch test and medical questionaire consultation is essential at least 24 hrs prior to treatment.


Top up or colour boost sessions are done 12/18 months later.


If the initial treatment is done at feeling fabulous then it will be done in just 1 session at the cost of £150.


If treatment has been done elsewhere previously and requires a colour boost then the treatment would be 2 sessions priced at £250.












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